Capillary Smile.

White. Black. Red.

Uldis Camans. Paintings

2009. May-June



All May long Mans's art gallery invites everybody to enjoy the Capillary Smile of Uldis Camans. For the 18 years of active painting and art life management this will be already his 30th personal exhibition. The artist has all reasons to smile - after a series of successful exhibitions during a recent German tour. Sharing a smile with the audience is the idea and the goal of the author putting his fantasy images on canvas. In some works he uses the whole color spectrum and endless undertone vibrations, in other - conceptual  black-and-white approach. The abstract shapes are saturated with geometry - circles, triangle, rectangles, orbits and lines, thus, facing the viewer with an uneasy task to figure out the name of the painting. Somethimes it is hidden in small symbols or tiny details invisible at first glance. Once you find the starting point, step by step you will understand the whole concelt. And you will fall in love with the artwork along the way...




























































Uldis Čamans. Plašuma skaidrotājs   Uldis Čamans. Pārnestā bezsajūta   Uldis Čamans. Parfīma uzruna    Uldis Čamans. Parfīma uzruna - ogu laiks   Uldis Čamans. Piezemēšanās


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